The Euhemerus Revisited Series

Euhemerism is a word used to mean discerning history in the myths of the pagan gods of the cultures of the ancient world. This series of posts, called “Euhemerism Revisited,” attempts to decipher the ancient theogonies of Greece, Sumer, Egypt, Phoenicia, and the Hittites of Anatolia to shed light on the 352 years between the Flood and the birth of Abraham.

In this series, we look for identifications of the Biblical patriarchs in the pagan theogonies. Noah was worshipped as a “god” under the names Anu, Ouranos, Janus, Vishnu, and others. The ancient myths fill in some of the details surrounding Ham’s humiliation of Noah and how that eventually led to the Tower of Babel.

The Mutilation of Ouranos by Kronos. Painting by Giorgio Vasari.

Euhemerus Posts in Order

  1. The Nakedness of Noah
    Euhemerus Revisited Part I

  2. Bible Characters in the Sumerian and Babylonian Pantheons
    Euhemerus Revisited Part II

  3. The Vengeance of Naamah
    Euhemerus Revisited Part III

  4. Euhemerus Revisited Video Interview
    With Seraphim Hamilton

  5. The Return of the Nephilim
    Euhemerus Revisited Part IV

  6. Gilgamesh was Mighty Against Yahweh
    Euhemerus Revisited Part V

  7. Naamah Falls into the Pit She Dug for Noah
    Euhemerus Revisited Part VI